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Blue Mix Confetti Balloons 30cm Helium filled each + delivery

Confetti Balloons look perfect, why not try our Blue Mix Confetti Coloured Balloons.

30cm Clear Balloon with a Blue mix of coloured paper confetti inside the balloon Helium filled on a ribbon ready to go.

Price is for 1 x Blue Mix Confetti Balloon Helium filled.

Delivery NOT included, please choose your Suburb from the bottom of this page to add the delivery charge.

Blue Mix Confetti Balloons 30cm Helium filled each + delivery

  • When inflating a Confetti Balloon with Helium the Confetti tends to sit at the bottom of the balloon, you can rub your hands over the balloon to create a static effect to try and help the confetti stick to the inside of the balloon. Air inflation is the best result for confetti balloons to get the overall effect of the inside of the balloon to be covered.
    Do not over inflate the balloon otherwise it will burst, warm weather and direct exposure to sunlight for long periods can cause the Clear Balloon to oxidise and become cloudy.
    Keep all pieces of balloon and confetti away from small children to avoid any choking hazards.
    Always have Adult supervision when using balloons.

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