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Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

Boutique Balloons are proud and active members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA).

Members of PEBA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons and promote the correct disposal of balloons.

We support the sale of helium balloons by balloon professionals that follow responsible practices and standards.

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Blue Balloon Mix - cute blue & White Balloons with a mix of Confetti Balloons

Perfect for a First Birthday or Baby Shower or just a Birthday celebration!

We supply you:

3 x Glossy White Balloons 30cm Flat
3 x Glossy Blue Balloons 30cm Flat
3 x Confetti Balloons with Blue & White Confetti Flat

These balloons can be air or helium filled. To avoid bursting do not over inflate.

Please discard any broken pieces to avoid choking hazards in young children.

Confetti Balloons - mix of blue & white, pkt 9 blns