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Mini Unicorn Balloon Garland DIY kit

D.I.Y. Mini Unicorn Balloon mix with Confetti Balloons Garland Kit. Feeling creative? Well we have a Balloon Garland D.I.Y. Kit so you can create your own Mini Balloon Garland for your event. No helium required - just air and about half hour to 1 hour of your time. We supply you the balloons, confetti filled balloons,line, instructions and all you need to have is your own Balloon Hand Pump or if you think you have enough breath just your mouth. Please keep in mind the smaller 5" Balloons are a tighter balloon to inflate and can be hard to inflate using your mouth so we recommend using a Balloon Hand Pump - HAND PUMP SUPPLIED. This Balloon Garland when completed is approximately 1.2m (4') in length but please keep in mind lengths can vary depending on the size you inflate your balloons and how close they are pushed together. The bigger the balloons the longer the length, just remember these are 5" balloons and they can burst if over inflated! We supply you instructions but of course you can be as creative as you like and go out on your own and create your own. We supply you: Mini 5" Balloons in a mix of our popular Unicorn coloured balloons. Mini Confetti Balloons prefilled in Silver & Gold Line & Instructions All balloons supplied Flat, can only be air inflated. Be careful when inflating your Balloons as over inflation can cause them to burst, if balloons are exposed to sunlight or warm environments they may oxidise and lose their sheen and they can also burst in extreme heat. Please discard of any balloons, broken pieces as these can cause choking hazards for young children. 

Mini Unicorn Balloon Garland DIY kit

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