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Monkey Balloon Kit


Supplying you balloons & decorations for your theme, all you need to do is either air inflate & hang or Helium fill and tie off to create instant decorations for your next party!

What's in the box:
1 x Supershape Monkey Head Mylar Balloon (requires Helium to Float)
12 x Assorted Coloured Latex Balloons 28cm (11") in a mix of Chrome Gold, Chrome Green, Brown & Greens
Ribbon for each balloon

All balloons are supplied FLAT and will require to be inflated. 
- If you are going to Helium inflate you will need to inflate the Latex Balloons on the day of your party, please note that warm temperatures can affect the float time of Latex Balloons and cause expansion of Mylar Balloons. 
- Mylar Balloons can be reinflated if you would like to use them for another time, we recommend carefully inserting a straw in to the neck of the balloon to slowly let out any helium, flatten carefully and store away from direct sunlight.
- All our Latex Balloons are 100% Biodegradable and manufactured from Natural Latex.
- Please 'Pin it & Bin it' all your balloons once no longer required.

Monkey Balloon Kit

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