Pretty Flamingo Balloon Bouquet Kit
Flamingo & Balloon Mix
This mix of balloons is so cute for any special occasion whether it is a 1st Birthday or Baby Shower, you can use it for any occasion and mix however you like.
We supply you the balloons Flat, Balloon Tassels will require assembly and you will have to construct the bouquets if you would like it to look like the photo, its not that hard to do and you will have fun.
These balloons will require Helium to float, you can air inflate but they will not float.
We supply you a Packet of 13 Balloons Flat:
1 x Supershape Famingo Foil 80cm x 127cm
1 x 17" Gold Confetti Balloon
1 x 17" Pink Balloon
6 x Peach 30cm Balloons
5 x Pink 30cm Balloons
1 x 15cm Honeycomb Yellow - it is a bright yellow not pale like our photo!
5 x Tan Paper Balloon Tassels - assembly required
5 x Peach Paper Balloon Tassels - assembly required
5 x Pink Paper Balloon Tassels - assembly required
5 x Hot Pink Paper Balloon Tassels - assembly required
Ribbon not included for the balloons
Please note other accessoreis not included eg. paper pom poms, string garlands etc
Please remember to not put too many tassels on the balloons as they can only lift so much weight when helium filled, we recommend bunching the 30cm balloons together like in our photo and then attaching the tassels so they can hold the weight.

Pretty Flamingo Balloon Bouquet Kit



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