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21st Birthday Supershape Number Foil Balloons

Giant 21st Number Foil Balloons

These giant Foil Balloons are perfect for Birthdays, Celebrations, Milestones and more. They are 100cm in height when inflated.

This Balloon is Flat Packed and can either be filled with Air or Helium. If you would like to Air inflate you will need a drinking straw to insert in to the tab at base of foil balloon. Blow air through the straw to inflate, do not over inflate otherwise the Foil Balloon may burst its seams. These Foil Balloons have self sealing valves so you do not have to tape or seal yourself. Take your Foil Balloon to your local Party Shop and they can inflate with Helium.


We supply you 1 x #2 Foil & 1 x #1 Foil in Rose Gold Flat.

Perfect as a back drop for your photos with your friends for that special occasion of your 21st!

21st Birthday Supershape Number Foil Balloons

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