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Pop Fizz Clink Metallic Balloons Pkt 6

Pop Fizz Clink Balloons Packet of 6 Balloons

It doesnt matter what the celebration, Wedding, Engagement, Birthday as these balloons are perfect for any occasion.

We supply you:

1 x Packet of 6 Balloons (2 x Gold, 2 x Silver & 2 x Black) with the wording printed on each balloon Pop Fizz Clink 30cm Flat

When inflating Balloons with Helium or Air do not over inflate to avoid balloons bursting.

Warm weather and direct exposure to sunlight for long periods can cause the Balloons to oxidise and lose their sheen or burst.

Keep all pieces of balloon away from small children to avoid any choking hazards.
Always have Adult supervision when using balloons.

Pop Fizz Clink Metallic Balloons Pkt 6

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