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Wild Animal Printed Balloons 28cm - Pkt of 8

Jungle Party Balloons - Pkt of mixed Animal Printed Balloons

Perfect you are having a Jungle or Zoo Themed Party, then these balloons are just the thing for you. A mix of Zebra, Tiger, Leopard and Bear Balloons in a packet. You can air or helium fill these balloons and add plain coloured balloons to the mix too for decoration.

We supply you:

1 x Pkt of 8 Wild Animal Printed Mixed Balloons 28cm Flat
Colours are a mix of Orange, Yellow, Lime Green and Pale Blue Balloons with Black Ink Print of the Animals.

To avoid bursting do not over inflate these balloons.

We also have Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant and Tiger Supershape Foil Balloon Heads for sale.

Wild Animal Printed Balloons 28cm - Pkt of 8

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